Product Info

Hustler Lawn Mower - Zero Turn, 60

Hustler Lawn Mower - Zero Turn, 60" Deck

  • Manufacturer: Hustler Mowers
  • Model Number: X-Onei

The X-ONEi features an integrated Parker pump and wheel motor, Kawasaki engines, Hustler’s patented SmoothTrak Steering, its Automated Park Brake System, and full size deep commercial-duty decks. The smaller horsepower engine and minor size differences provide the commercial operator with a lower-priced alternative to the popular X-ONE.

Purchase Price
  • $8799.00
  • 60" commercial side-discharge deep deck
  • Parker HTE commercial transmissions
  • 7 & 11 gauge double plated commercial decks
  • Premium adjustable seat
  • 9 mph
  • 6.8 gallon fuel capacity
  • 24" full size drive tires, 13" caster tires